Friends of Sligo Creek Blog Posts

The FoSC Blog posts are intended to provide information on various topics that are relevant to the Sligo Creek watershed.

The blog posts are categorized and marked by their category of interest.

Natural History
Invasive Plants
Water Quality

Stormwater Management Tour, March 2019
An overview of our March 30th tour of stormwater projects along Sligo Creek between Colesville Road & the Beltway. MNCPPC Principal Natural Resource Specialist Matt Harper and Environmental Engineering Supervisor Andy Frank led the tour.

Stormwater Management/WQ Improvement Projects, July 2017
Ed Murtagh discusses the positive impact stormwater management projects installed on the east side of Sligo Creek between Forest Glen Road & University Blvd. have made to Sligo Creek.

Smart Stormwater Ponds, June 2017
Ed Murtagh discusses a pilot project under way to improve the water quality in Sligo Creek--Stormwater Ponds that were installed just off University Boulevard, near the Sligo Creek headwaters.

Groundwater Salination, Dec 2016
Read about one of the least known, but most massive challenges, to urban waterway health in the United States today: salinized groundwater.

Maple Ave Mystery Update Part 2, Nov 2016
Pat Ratkowski continues his investigation into the source of the detergent discharge into Sligo at Maple Ave. Things get interesting as he and DEP Environmental Specialist Alex Torrella go underground in the search.

Maple Ave Mystery Update Part 1, Nov 2016
Pat Ratkowski continues his investigation into the source of the detergent discharge into Sligo at Maple Ave. Things get interesting as he and DEP Environmental Specialist Alex Torrella go underground in the search.

Update on Sligo Creek’s Newest Seep, Oct 2016
Pat Ratkowski provides an update on the wetland seep system first described in August 2016.

Permeable Pavement: A Hole-istic Approach, Sept 2016
Pat Ratkowski on the most damaging development in the Sligo Creek watershed in the last three hundred years.

Sligo Creek’s Newest Seep, Aug 2016
Pat Ratkowski describes the creation of a spring seep and vernal pool system in Sligo Creek Valley by WSSC and M-NCPPC (Parks).

The Breewood Tributary Restoration
Ed Murtagh documents the extensive efforts that have been made to restore the Breewood Tributary, a small stream that feeds into Sligo Creek just downstream of University Boulevard.

Maple Ave Mystery Update
Pat Ratkowski updates us on the effort to find the source of the detergent discharge into Sligo at Maple Ave.

Sligo Park Hills Stormwater Facilities Working as Designed?
Kit Gage takes a look at the performance of the Sligo Park Hills new stormwater facilities during the heavy rains of June 2015.

Montgomery County’s Winter Storm Operations and Our County Streams
During last month’s FOSC Program meeting, Steve Suprata from the Montgomery County Department of Transportation (MC-DOT) provided a very interesting overview of the county’s winter storm operations ...

Be on the lookout for flocks of wild turkeys!
Think of the word “turkey”. Did the word automatically conjure up images of farmed domesticated turkeys or Thanksgiving?

What’s New and Cool along Sligo Creek
Montgomery County has installed two cool new “green” features that are designed to enhance the ecological health of Sligo Creek Park.

Rain barrel Diverters
A little over two years ago, I installed Y-shaped rain barrel diverters at the end of each of my gutters. I have been asked to give an update on this.

More than One Hummingbird Species East of the Mississippi?
The hummingbirds have returned to our yard. The first one arrived at dusk last week and hungrily darted around at our native honeysuckle vine ...

How to Stop Birds Crashing into Windows
Spring is full of pretty sounds, but one of the sounds that I really hate is the sound of birds crashing into windows at my house.

Virginia Opossums Hanging Out around Sligo Creek!
The Virginia opossum (Didelphis virginiana), commonly known as the opossum, is the only marsupial native to North America.

County Recycle Program Updates
Montgomery County Executive Isaiah Leggett recently increased our county’s waste diversion goal to 70%. To meet this goal, we will need to become educated and engaged in new ways to reduce waste.

What To Do If You See A Swarm Of Bees This Spring
Warm weather means bee season can begin. But it also means we are likely to see a few bee swarms around town.

Flying Squirrels are Fantastic in the Sligo Creek Parks!
Have you ever wondered about the small, hard to find animals that live in the forested areas around Sligo Creek?

Rotting’s Fun!
Composting at home is easy when you have the knowledge and the right equipment.

Improving Your Soil
If we ever want to see cool, clean water flowing through Sligo Creek, we will have to stop treating our soil like dirt.

Adapting Wheaton to Climate Change
Using green infrastructure is an important strategy in our nation’s adaptation to climate change.

Eastern Box Turtles Are On the Move
This October, our turtle friends are preparing to hibernate for the winter.

Wheaton Green Streets Efforts Expand
Green Streets Initiatives are expanding in and around Wheaton.

Can We Coexist with Beavers?
As we green our communities, wildlife is slowly returning. As wildlife returns, we need to find ways to coexist with these animals.

English Ivy and Our Local Environment
If you have English ivy in your yard, be a good neighbor and manage it or, better yet, remove it.

Environmental Impact of Non-native Invasive Plants
A simple way to help the environment locally is to become familiar with non-native invasive (NNI) plant species and to help remove them from your yards and from public areas.

Dog Owners' Role in Improving Water Quality
Dog waste and leaky sewer lines are a big water quality problem in Montgomery County.

Completion of the Northwood Chesapeake Bay Trail
A green corridor trail just east of Wheaton now links Sligo Creek Park and the Northwest Branch Park.

'Green' Streets Are Coming to Wheaton
The County's Department of Transportation is begining to start installing "green" street techniques on the County roads.